In 2017 the Board of Directors adopted a detailed policy for enforcing the Association’s CC&Rs.  The full policy is described here:

Covenant Enforcement and Fine Policy
Covenant Enforcement and Fine Policy (signed)

A summary of the policy was mailed to all homeowners at the time of adoption.  If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns related to this policy please contact the board at

The most significant changes are summarized below, but please see the full Policy for details (in case of conflict between this summary and the Policy, the Policy prevails):
Covenant violations are no longer differentiated in to different categories (e.g. Boat/Trailer parking violation, Unsightly conditions, etc…), with the exception of stop work orders.

In most cases, fines will be assessed on the following schedule:

  • Initial notice of violation: No fine assessed.
  • If violation is uncorrected 30 days after initial notice: $100
  • If violation is uncorrected after an additional 30 days: additional $225
  • Every month thereafter that the violation is uncorrected: additional $350

In cases of minor and/or infrequent violations, the board, at it’s discretion, may issue an additional reminder letter 30 days before sending the first violation notice (effectively providing 60 days to correct the violation before any fine is issued).

In the case of “Chronic Offenders”, as defined in the Policy, the fine schedule above will effectively be accelerated by 30 days: a $100 fine will be assessed at the time of the initial notice, $225 if the violation is uncorrected after 30 days, and $350 for every month after that the violation remains uncorrected.

A Stop Work Order may be issued by the Board to any Owner engaged in an unauthorized activity (any activity that requires written approval of the board, but for which approval was not obtained). A fine of $100 will be imposed when a Stop Work Order is issued, and a fine of $100 per day will be issued for each day that the activity continues in violation of the Stop Work Order.